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You have probably wondered why we at Nkunzi Manufacturing (Pty)Ltd decided to design a cubicle tank, and why plastic? The short answer is quite simple. Both LLDPE plastic and the cubicle shape are very versatile and allows for endless applications in various industries. This allowed us to create a truly “Unique Modular Liquid Storage Solution”. One of the big advantages of a cubicle tank is the space factor. Logically two 10 000 litre cylindrical tanks next to each other are going to take up a lot more space than two 10 000 litre cubicle tanks. The reason is that there is no “wasted” space between the sides of the cubicle tanks.

The cubicle dimensions of our tanks were not randomly decided. The dimensions were specifically chosen so that three of our tanks can fit precisely into a 6-meter shipping container. This feature allows for a lot of applications. When you fill a shipping container with three of our tanks, all of a sudden you have a secured 30 000 litre storage unit that can be locked to protect your liquid contents. These units can be stacked on top of each other to create a 90 000 litre liquid storage unit in a twelve square metre footprint, something that would not be possible with round tanks.

Using shipping containers with our cubicle tanks also unlocks several transport solutions for a variety of liquids like water, diesel, oil, molasses, liquid fertilizer to only name a few. Road transport, as well as rail freight, is already geared to carry shipping containers conveniently, so we did not have to “re invent the wheel”. By thinking out of the box we use “in the box” solutions to innovate liquid storage and transportation!

To find out more about our product visit our website www.nkunzimanufacturing.co.za or make contact with us through email at info@nkunzimanufacturing.co.za

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