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At Nkunzi Manufacturing (Pty)Ltd we strive to solve customers’ liquid storage challenges.

One such challenge for a specific customer in the liquid fertilizer and chemical manufacturing industry, was to ensure a one hundred per cent draining capability from their tanks. When a commodity being stored inside the tank is valuable and expensive, one wants to ensure that all the liquid can be used. Every litre counts.

That is why we designed and manufacture a conical tank that ensures a one hundred per cent drainage.

We have found that existing cylindrical-conical tanks have limited applications. Our unique cubicle conical tank can be used for endless applications.

We have designed the conical cubicle tank to have the same dimensions as our flat bottom tanks, which were designed to fit into a standard 20 feet shipping container. Thus, the conical tank with its stand will fit into the shipping container as well. Due to the specific dimensions and the base, the conical tank can store 7500 litres and allows maximum weight as cargo on the roads. The conical tank and stand can be used for static liquid storage as well as numerous options of transportation.

For example, three of our conical tanks, interconnected, can be placed in a shipping container. Several containers with tanks can be stacked on top of each other and connected to create a 67500-litre storage facility. Then you have a reservoir that can drain one hundred per cent, within a twelve square meter footprint.

Nkunzi Manufacturing is about Modular Liquid Storage Solutions.

These conical tanks are being used for the transportation of expensive liquids where complete drainage is vital.

Three conical tanks inside a shipping container or loose on a flatbed truck, allows for maximum load capacity, regardless of the elevation or slope of the truck when draining is required. A truck can now stop at a delivery site, offload one hundred per cent of its load, without manoeuvring the truck onto different angles. This saves money and enhances turnaround times.

This is one of many applications of our cubicle conical tank. As one can see, we have designed our tanks focusing on the customer’s needs. We are passionate about solving your Liquid Storage needs.

To find out more about our product visit our website www.nkunzimanufacturing.co.za or make contact with us through email at info@nkunzimanufacturing.co.za

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