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Rectangular pressed steel tanks vs Rectangular polyethylene tanks

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Rectangular pressed steel tanks have been on the market for many years. Galvanised panels are being bolted together to create a customised water reservoir. The steel panels could be easily transported and installed on site. The pressed steel tank requires internal bracing, roof structure support, bolts and nuts, rubber seals and sealants which all required constant maintenance against rust and deterioration. (see pictures below)

Nkunzi Manufacturing has developed a heavy duty, rectangular tank to take care of the constant maintenance and high cost of replacing the old steel tanks.

The 10m3 polyethylene tank is a seamless, one-piece tank which can easily be transported and installed. No rust or leaks. The tanks are UV resistant, food quality and algae free. Each tank has a manhole with lid and a support PVC pipe in the centre of the tank. Any tank fitting up to 100mm can easily be installed into the tanks. There are no internal bracing or additional roof support required. The tanks can be placed on flat surfaces and no plinths or base support structures are required. The tanks are being reinforced with metal strapping or heavy-dutyhorizontal bars depending on the client’s requirements. The tanks have a SG of 2.7 and can accommodate heavy chemicals like oils, liquid fertilizer, and diesel. You can now create your own reservoir at a fraction of the cost of pressed steel tanks.

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