The Nkunzi Tank

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100 tanks


1 000 000 litres


The Nkunzi Tanks can be joined side-by-side, increasing the storage capacity to limitless volumes. The tanks are manufactured with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), ensuring water to be stored securely. The Nkunzi Tanks accommodate standard 110mm diameter PVC fittings.


Designed with mobility in mind. The outer dimensions of the units have tolerances allowing for the effective use of standard shipping containers; the units stack perfectly to accommodate trucks, trains and trailers. Quick delivery makes the Nkunzi Tanks ideal for effective deployment into areas of need.


The Nkunzi Tank's stacking arrangements create countless possibilities to the ways they can be used - cases include: massive storage facilities with a small footprint, mass transport of water, airstrip fuel storage or any other bulk storage requirement. Each unit has 4 large flat surfaces to which any fitting up to 110 mm diameter can be fitted for inflow, outflow or between units.