1 Feb 2021

How a Man From Pretoria Revolutionised Liquid Storage

Have you ever wished for more storage space? Let me paint you a picture, imagine if you will, a warehouse you thought would have enough space for at least 20 years but has now reached capacity within a few months. Your only options are to rent or buy a new warehouse. What if we told you there is a third option?

Stacked Nkunzi Tanks Image

Let’s think about this for a second. Containers come in all shapes and sizes, round, square, oval shaped. If you mix and match all these containers what’s going to happen? Well, if your warehouse has a lot of space maybe you won’t realise it at first but while the products get more and more you will notice something, you’re running out of storage space! Wouldn’t it be better in the long run to have one container shape? If you could choose the perfect container, what would it look like?

Kobus Kunz Photo

Meet Kobuz Kunz, the founder of the Nkunzi tank. Portable, sustainable and affordable. Now imagine your warehouse packed with these tanks. How much space would you save? Would you still need a new warehouse?

The Nkunzi tank is modular which means it can connect on all sides, leaving minimal wasted space.

You can even stack them! Kobus has gone one step further, the Nkunzi tank is designed to fit as many as 3 units in a standard shipping container. With the unique design and material used the Nkunzi tank is quite adaptive. Need chemicals stored? Need water stored? Or do you even need food stored?

The Nkunzi tank can do it all.Let us help you revolutionise your storage, cut your costs and increase those profits.
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